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'I had it I was treated now getting on with my life, but gave me the chance to reflect on my breast cancer.'I want to talk about it and happy to if it gets information across and reminds people to check their boobs.'She went on to say: 'Since having cancer I really live life to the full, so I want to say "Yes" to every opportunity.' ITV viewers were vocal in their support for Victoria, with many saying that they had been left in tears by the chat.'Well done @vicderbyshire ur so brave x' wrote one fan.

'To remind them a bit about how they were born – because Oliver took ages to come out, Joe was out in two hours - they love those stories.

Just remind them to be polite when they grow up and have manners.'Victoria had been diagnosed with lobular breast cancer, which means it develops in the lobes of the breast and spreads to surrounding tissue - some 10% of breast cancers are this type.

'My heart goes out to u and others xx'Another said: 'Cried with you on @loosewomen today yr such an inspiration definitely going to buy yr book.' While one other empathised, saying: 'The confidence that V Derbyshire portrays is amazing. ❤️xxx'Another vented: '1.23[pm]..cut her off and news isn’t on till 1.30!!!

I have to undergo a hysterectomy due to my cancerous cells keep coming back CIN3.'I have a lot of gynae problems meaning that this is my only option. I find her motivational.'Another praised: 'What a strong lady - keep on living your life to the fullest'.

The dining area provides the perfect place to plan the day’s activities over breakfast.

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