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A wise retirement decision on your part and a unforgettable vacation for them.

The "Cost of Living" cost spreadsheet was developed to show that one can live here on 0 US a month.

This is another reason why for the single, heterosexual males it is a good idea to have a Thai g/f as she will get you the best price from transportation, groceries, and even household items such as furniture.

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And when I see retiree's working at Wal Mart greeting people at the entrance or working at Mc Donalds flipping hamburgs and reporting to a teenager with a college degree it makes me sick.

Is that what you envisioned your Retirement Life would be like?

Also the water machine was only 1 block from his accommodations.

Now 4 months later he contacted us and told us he wanted to move and if we could help him find someone to takeover his rental contract as he did not want to lose 2 months security deposit for not living up to the rental contract.

Start things off with a delicious large bowl of soup which may be identical to that served to you in a more expensive restaurant, select a cooked dish to your liking with bottled water and ice-cream for dessert and get a check for $8 US for the two of you.

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