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While the ever-so-curvy California native sports an incredible body, she claims her eyes draw men in the most.

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Luckily enough and Bria were able to manage the east to west coast time difference and sit down to discuss her thoughts on dating in the industry, her issues with ass injections and why she is single but ready for a boyfriend ... Baller So what's going on with Bria Myles? I was shocked because it's a really commercial project. Baller How have your experiences been working on videos? It's tough because when you work with a lot of women, it's either they're really nice or they're really catty.

Bria: Well I just did a videogame called "Don King Presents: Prizefighter." They made a virtual me, and they named her Bria Myles, so that's been my number one priority. Bria: Everyone has been pretty cool and pretty professional. They may not like you because you're pretty or because you're their competition.

Sheeeeeeet I rather be like that, and these dumbass rappers should follow the motto.

I would wife up a chick that dont know one know if I was in their situation, but it is hard.

Back when I was younger, I used to think why are people complimenting me on my eyes. now-a-days a lot of women would kill to have a "Bria Myles" figure. How do you feel about the whole topic of "injections" to the derriere? I mean it's not an issue, but it's something that you want to do.

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